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A more accurate release date for the action horror game Dying Light 2 could finally be revealed in the coming weeks. A new promotional campaign by the technology company Asus, in which download keys for the upcoming title are already available, gives rise to speculation.

It has been quite quiet around Dying Light 2 for a while now. Originally, the release was planned for spring 2020, but the responsible developer studio Techland postponed the title indefinitely. Now, based on a promotional campaign between Techland and Asus, it can be assumed that the specific date or at least a more precise release window for the horror game could soon be revealed.

But how is the promotion from Asus related to the rumors about the release of Dying Light 2? As should be known, games can only be pre-ordered when a specific release date or window has been announced. Dying Light 2 can therefore currently not be pre-ordered on Steam. Even if you already had a key, it couldn't be redeemed easily. For this, the game needs at least one release window.

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According to the recently launched promotional campaign between Asus and Techland, however, buyers of certain Asus products will receive PC codes for the indexed predecessor and its upcoming sequel. The campaign started on July 1st and the prices should be redeemable from July 15th to September 13th. It is therefore extremely likely that the corresponding release date will be announced during this period.

In addition, we can expect to receive new information about Dying Light 2 this month. Since trailers for the title were shown at Microsoft's press conferences at E3 in 2018 and 2019, this year's event from May 21-22 July presents new impressions. Dying Light 2 is released for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5.

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