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Mojang has announced the specific release date of the DLC "Jungle Awakens" for the action role-playing game Minecraft Dungeons. Accordingly, the download extension will be launched on July 1, 2020. There are also new screenshots to see.

It has been known for some time that the DLC "Jungle Awakens" for the action role-playing game Minecraft Dungeons should be released in July this year. However, there was no specific release date – until now. Because the responsible developer studio Mojang in person from Sofia Dankis official blog reportedto reveal this little detail.

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Accordingly, the "Jungle Awakens" download extension should be available for purchase from July 1, 2020. The DLC is in the so-called Hero Pass from Minecraft Dungeons (buy now for € 29.99) included, so that there are no additional costs for its owner. In line with this message, you will find some new screenshots in our online gallery below this message, which give you a little foretaste.

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As the name suggests, the expansion "Jungle Awakens" takes you into a jungle that is as big as it is mysterious and full of secrets and dangers. There you will encounter, among others, a hitherto unknown power to be fought. The developers are preparing a total of three new missions to tie you up in front of the monitor for a few hours. In order to be prepared for this fight, not only additional weapons await you, but also new armor, artifacts and other helpful objects. There are also several new enemies such as jungle zombies and the so-called leaplead. According to current plans, the second major DLC called "Creeping Winter" is due to appear later this year, a specific date has not yet been fixed.

Source: Mojang

The DLC "Jungle Awakens" for Minecraft Dungeons has a release date. (2) (Source: Mojang)

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