Release date of Amazon's MMORPG postponed

from Andreas Bertits
Amazon's MMORPG New World was supposed to officially launch in May. As has now become known, you only embark on adventures on the mysterious island of Aeternum in summer.

Did you look forward to it, Amazon's MMORPG New World to experience from May? Then unfortunately you have to wait a little longer.

New World comes later

Amazon explains: "We made the difficult decision to postpone the release of New World until August 25th 2020 and the start of the closed beta until July. Like most of you, our entire team has to face the global COVID-19- Pandemic currently staying at home, we are still making great strides, but developing an ambitious MMO like New World from home also presents us with new challenges. As we will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, we decided postpone the release to make sure we get the high quality we want. "

As with some other developer studios, the move to the home office is due to the corona pandemic in the team behind the MMORPG New World (buy now for € 39.99) a delay in development work. As mentioned by Amazon, the shift not only affects the release, the closed beta also starts later, namely in July. An exact date will be announced.

The New World Alpha remains open and the team continues to collect feedback to improve the gaming experience. Until the release on August 25, the developers plan to publish further information about the MMORPG.

Source: Amazon message

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