It has been clear for some time that Bioware is definitely working on the role-playing game Mass Effect 5. So far, however, there have been hardly any concrete details, not even at the release date. If you want to believe the insider Jeff Grubb, the release is definitely not to be expected in the near future – instead, a very long wait for the fans.

Grubb recently spoke up on Twitter and shared some inside information about Mass Effect 5. According to his (unspecified) sources, the development of the new role-playing game at Bioware has not really started yet. Rather, the project is currently in a very early phase. Therefore, a release before 2025 is unlikely – in the worst case it could take even longer.

His comments on the question of which engine will be used in Mass Effect 5 are also interesting. Accordingly, the Frostbite engine is not inevitable, the Unreal Engine 5 also seems to be considered at the moment.

“EA and BioWare are currently considering all possibilities for Mass Effect 5. A Tech Director is important to overseeing such a process. The company plans to use NextGen visual technology. By 2023, when development of ME fully begins Frostbite are still behind Unreal. “

According to Grubb, however, a final decision regarding the engine question does not seem to have been made so far. So everything is still possible in this regard. However, it will probably take a while before we get a definitive answer.

Those: Twitter

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