Release period of Amazon MMORPG is set

from Andreas Bertits
Amazon has announced the release period of the sandbox MMORPG New World. Already in the next May you will plunge into the adventures in the new world. But before that there will be a beta.

Amazon has May 2020 as a release for the sandbox MMORPG New World announced.

Into the new world!

New World (buy now for 11.59 €) move into the 17th century, where you explore the island of Aeternum. A mysterious land awaits you to tame. There are other adventurers on the island, with whom you either ally or fight against. And in the heart of the island lurks also a dark danger. The island continues to defend against the invaders and send legions of undead to drive you out.

In New World, you build your own fort with other players and also participate in siege battles for up to 100 players at the same time. The combat system relies on active attacks and a lot of movement while you also use your special abilities. You may build houses and individualize them, participate in the construction of settlements and the development of new regions and crafted even objects. You develop your character completely free in the MMORPG, there are no classes.

"We want our players to feel the depth and dangers of New World from the moment they first set foot on the island of Aeternum in May 2020," said Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games. "Our team has been working tirelessly to create a profound, immersive world with challenges and surprises waiting around the corner, and we're excited to be able to reveal more details about the game here and now."

New World is being developed by Amazon Games' Orange County, California studio by a team that has worked on Destiny, World of Warcraft, and Everquest, for example. Before the release of the MMORPG in May 2020, a closed beta will start in April, and if you preorder New World, you will receive the item Isabella's Amulet, the Fist Bump Emote, a guild emblem set, the special title Expedition One and may even participate in the beta.

Source: Press release

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