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Are you looking for answers to your questions about Xbox Series X? What does it cost, when does it appear and what can it do? We have compiled all important information about the console from Microsoft and give you an overview.

Xbox Series X

How much will the Xbox Series X cost?

Just like competitor Sony, Microsoft has not said a word about the price of the Xbox Series X. Of course, the rumor mill is also well here and one or the other hint has already been dropped. Industry analysis assume that the price of the Xbox Series X is up 450 euros to 499 euros will amount to.

It was in the past Xbox One with a starting price of 499 euros above the price of the PS4. However, the Xbox One also contained accessories in the form of the Kinect.

Xbox will probably also try to keep the price as long as possible behind the scenes Undercut Sony if necessary to be able to. So it remains exciting – with news about the price, we will inform you here as soon as possible.

When will Xbox Series X be released?

Unfortunately, we also have to be patient for this message, at least as far as an exact date is concerned. As for the PS5, the release period is already known. The Xbox Series X will be released in Winter 2020 appear to take the upcoming Christmas season with them.

Probably the Xbox Series X, like its predecessor, the Xbox One in November appear. As soon as an official release date is announced, we will of course report it to you.

Xbox Series X: What Announcement Are You Expecting?

In the last presentation for Xbox Series X, Microsoft showed a lot of gameplay and had a look at the games on the console. The much anticipated Assassin's Creed: Valhalla was also part of the performance. Developed on the Xbox Series X dev kit, the game is a real draw for the console release.

Microsoft has not yet announced any other events for the upcoming console, we will keep an eye on them for you and will inform you here as soon as the time comes.

What is the design of the Xbox Series X?

Unlike its competitor Sony, Microsoft first took the step with the Xbox and revealed the design of the console. It has been known since December 2019 what the home console will look like.

If you want to see the Xbox Series X premiere with your own eyes, check out this trailer:

In terms of color, Microsoft remains true to the scheme of its predecessor Xbox One, but a few things have changed in terms of structure. The Xbox Series X, like the PS5, is skyrocketing. The chunky and great design the console already has provided for laughter and made numerous comparisons with refrigerators or other devices.

The reason for the now unwieldy exterior of the home console is the high performance inside. More power requires more energy and, above all, space for heat dissipation.

Current pictures of the Xbox Series X

Xbox recently released another video with a detailed view of the Series X. The simple design the console comes into its own particularly well and is rather inconspicuous except for the green highlights:

Even the well-known Xbox logo must not be missing, of course, and is also simply placed at the top of the Series X:

However, the console manufacturer dares more color with the upper one Ventilation opening the Xbox – the typical green shines towards you:

The exterior of the Xbox Series is largely known and will probably not hold any more surprises, if we do, we will show you new pictures here.

Xbox Series X: Other important information and details

It is in the room that that Interface and dashboard the Xbox Series should stay the same. Next minor improvements like the loading times, Microsoft orientates itself with the predecessor Xbox One.

A service that could clearly place the Xbox Series X in front of the PS5 is Smart Delivery. This tool allows you to upgrade games that you've already purchased for Xbox One, for example, to the upcoming console completely free. The current selection includes 14 gameswhich is very likely to be expanded.

Not only do you have the ability to transfer previously-purchased games from the previous generation to the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has also ensured that many games in new shine appear. For this, the console giant has optimized many favorites for the next gen.

The possibility to experience unlimited games, Microsoft seems to be a big concern. Thanks to the PC beta app, the company is now able to make the wide world of the PC game cosmos accessible to gamers. Rumors suggest that the Xbox Series X will be able to access the Steam and “Epic Games” stores.

A special feature and almost a rarity of the "Xbox Series X" controller are the interchangeable AA batterieswhich should supply the pad with enough energy. This shows great flexibility, but should be unfamiliar to many players. Integrated batteries are still the standard.

The Series X controller becomes one comfortable change between all your devices enable whether PC, tablet or smartphone.

A burning question that many console gamers should be concerned with: What about the backward compatibility of the Xbox Series X? This will across all four generations be available and thus offer the largest possible game selection of past years.

The developers of the Xbox SX seem particularly proud of that inner values ​​of their console to be convinced, especially the power of the processor.

Games come with up to 120 frames per second and in 4K flicker across the screen. The fast loading times through the built-in 1TB SSD become one seamless switching between your favorite games enable – without major interruptions.

The Xbox Series X also advertises with ray tracing, which should ensure beautiful graphics. Take a look at what ray tracing can do:

It will be a while until the Xbox Series X release, until then we will keep you up to date and give you an overview. What questions are you particularly interested in regarding the upcoming console? Let us know in the comments.

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