Bethesda’s upcoming science fiction epic Starfield is in the starting blocks, which is why more and more pictures and leaks about the game are splashing to the surface of the Internet. Will there be gameplay and a release date soon? We are collecting all official information and rumors about Starfield for you.


The game fair E3 2021 is just around the corner and with it a couple of new ones, too official information on Starfield: So far, fans of Bethesda’s new IP have only seen a short teaser video, but some information about the game is already available via interviews. Here is a small summary of everything that has been officially confirmed:

  • Name: Starfield
  • Genre and location: Starfield is a science fiction game that will take place in space, among other things, very likely also in spaceships and planets.
  • Developer: Bethesda
  • Release-Termin: Unknown. However, Starfield is set to appear before The Elder Scrolls 6.
  • Platforms: Unknown. However, an Xbox and PC exclusivity is quite likely.

See the first official pictures of Starfield in the teaser:

Confirmed: Official statements on Starfield from Bethesda

In some interviews, references to the upcoming science fiction epic have already been revealed, but not including whether it is actually a role-playing game – but it can be assumed with a high degree of probability. In an official interview with producer Todd Howard on the YouTube channel Develop: Brighton Conference However, Howard revealed a few details about Starfield, first and foremost that it was a Single player game with focus on the story will act.

More details from the interview with Todd Howard

  • Starfield is a Single player science fiction game.
    • Whether it’s a role playing game is strongly suspected – but has not been confirmed.
  • It should bigger cities than in previous Bethesda games in Starfield, as well as in The Elder Scrolls 6.
  • It will more and more important NPCs give.
    • NPCs will also play a bigger role.
  • The in-house game engine from Bethesda has been completely revised in recent years and adapted to today’s standard.
    • There is none new Engine.
    • As Howard put it in the interview, he should Graphic jump be bigger than that from Morrowind to Oblivion.
  • Modding continues to be endorsed and supported.
  • Four to five times as many developers work on Starfield than before on Skyrim.
  • Starfield as well as The Elder Scrolls 6 will be released via the Xbox Game Pass be available.
  • The details of KATheHuman on Reddit.

It is to be expected that you will Games fair E3 2021 learn more about Starfield. E3 2021 will also take place online this year from June 12th to 15th.

Leaks, rumors and supposed screenshots about Starfield

Shortly before E3 2021, the internet is shaking up some leaks and rumors from the social media channels. Many of them are quite interesting, although all of them always come with one a good dose of distrust should be considered. This also applies to all leaks that we list below.

Im Mai hat Twitter-User @SkullziTV some leaked Images of Starfield published, which were then upscaled by other Twitter users and reposted in better quality. Whether the pictures actually come from Starfield cannot yet be said. Check out the pictures for yourself:

What stands out in the pictures (if they shouldn’t be fake):

  • You can see one Third-person as well as a first-person perspective.
  • The interiors of spaceships and spacesuits are also clearly visible.
    • Leaving the spaceship possible with a spacesuit?
    • Spaceship construction and crew management possible?
  • Oxygen and weapons display
    • Is oxygen management important?
    • Is Starfield a sci-fi shooter or will there be melee weapons as well?

Of course, there are a number of other details hidden within the images that could be discussed.

Leaks and rumors around in the starfield

The mostly halfway credible leaks come from Twitter, Reddit and Discord users, who are said to have a certain credibility. For simplicity let’s all List rumors in a few words and then attach the source of the rumor.

  • Starfield will be released exclusively for PC and Xbox consoles. (Jeff Grubb on Twitter)
  • Release of Starfield (including via @SkullziTV on Twitter)
    • Multiple sources advocate one Release for late 2021 / early 2022.
  • Several gameplay rumors passed through to Starfield Reddit user OdahP
    • There will be ladders that you can use.
    • improved “Pathfinding” of NPCs, better and more realistic routines
    • Spaceships can be controlled.
    • Spaceships can be built and furnished.
    • Crew management within the spaceships
    • There will be areas without gravity.
    • There will also be areas of artificial gravity.
    • Fight between spaceships
  • Summary of possible Factions and other names in Starfield on Reddit (also based on the leaked screenshots):
    • Space Nation Alliance (SNA) may be a big faction in Starfield.
    • Axion Energy is a company in the game that produces and markets energy.
    • Creet World Base is a space station.
    • BlackFleet is the leaked name of a spaceship type.
    • The abbreviation TEC seems to stand for a construction company (spaceship construction?).
  • Text analyzed in the Starfield trailer (FHXerxeth on Reddit)
    • The word “Const” becomes visible in the trailer, it could stand for Constellation or Constitution, or something completely different.

It remains to be seen whether these leaks and rumors are true. Here, too, the following applies: You will most likely find out more about Starfield at this year’s E3 between June 12th and 15th – and maybe also about the question of whether the screenshots and leaks actually come from the game.