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The remake of Resident Evil 3 can now also be pre-ordered on Steam for the PC. As an encore, players can look forward to the free "Classic Costume Pack". The Capcom horror title will then be playable in April 2020. The recently launched Project Resistance will also be included in the new edition of Part 3.

A few days after the announcement of Resident Evil 3 Remake, the horror game from Capcom may be released Steam to be pre-ordered. From April 3, 2020, the title will also be officially playable. Those responsible have not yet revealed whether there will also be a preload for the game. If there is new information about this, we will inform you about it here. The new edition of Resident Evil 3 is released almost a year after the Resident Evil 2 remake, which has now sold five million copies and has even surpassed the original from 1998.

In the story of the third part, players will take on the role of Jill Valentine, who is hunted by the bioweapon Nemesis when she escapes from Raccoon City. Not only the game itself, but also characters like Jill Valentine have been given a new look in the remake. The protagonist is embodied in the game by Russian model Sasha Zotova. In addition to the main game, buyers can also look forward to Project Resistance, which will be included in the new edition.

In this asymmetrical multiplayer mode, four players take part in previously unknown umbrella experiments in Raccoon City. Working together as a team, players have to solve various tasks and puzzles to escape the experiment. A fifth participant – the so-called mastermind – can influence the environment with playing cards and thus make it difficult to escape. In our preview we were able to take a detailed look at Project Resistance. All pre-orders of Resident Evil 3 on Steam can also look forward to a free "Classic Costume Pack".

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Resident Evil 3: Remake can now be pre-ordered on Steam (1) (Source: Capcom)

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