The first Pokémon film appeared in cinemas over 20 years ago, and some people associate it with great memories. To celebrate World Pokémon Day, Netflix is ​​now announcing the remake Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution, which will soon be available on the platform.

Netflix is ​​currently grabbing one highlight after the other and has also planned a special treat for Pokémon fans. "When the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo becomes aware of its own dubious origins, it starts to get angry about its human creators and wants to take revenge" is the one movie descriptionthat numerous enthusiasts before over two decades lured to the cinema and a small one milestone marked for Pokémon fans.

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Pokémon movie: remake soon on Netflix

The film was originally released in the year 1998 in the usual, drawn style. The remake but reflects you completely revised graphic style contrary. The well-known film becomes a completely new experience and Netflix is the Pokémon Company ideal partner for this event:

“The ubiquitous reach and team of experts from Netflix make them the perfect partner to bring this special film closer to children and fans around the world. Netflix is ​​the ideal platform to help us launch the film simultaneously, in line with Pokémon Day, worldwide. A special moment dedicated to the celebration of the global Pokémon fan community ”.

The film is supposed to from February 27, 2020 be available. Are you looking forward to it? Which Pokémon movie would you like to see on Netflix?

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