Remake of the horror title confirmed with first trailer

from Dominic Zwingmann
The team from Capcom has confirmed the development of Resident Evil 3 Remake with a trailer. Already in April 2020, the horror reissue will be available in stores. In addition, the creators announced that the recently revealed Project Resistance will be included directly in Part 3's remake.

Following a recent leak of Resident Evil 3 remake over the past few days, the new edition of Capcom was officially announced as part of Sony's State of Play. Just in time for the 20th anniversary, fans of the horror series will be able to enjoy the game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 3, 2020. Resident Evil 3 tells the story of Jill Valentine being hunted by the Nemesis bio-weapon when she fled Raccoon City.

In the first trailer for the remake fans also get a first look at the new look of Jill Valentine. The video is included below the message for you. In our picture gallery you will also find some screenshots from the upcoming game. As in Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 7, Part 3's new edition will also feature Capcom's RE engine. (buy now for 59,99 €)

The developers also surprised by announcing that the recently released Project Resistance will be included directly in Resident Evil 3 Remake. In our preview we have already dealt extensively with the new asymmetric multiplayer title. Together players can participate in hitherto unknown Umbrella experiments in Raccoon City. In one round, a total of four participants will compete against the so-called mastermind who can influence the environment by cards. The other players have to work together as a team and escape the experiment of Umbrella Corporation.

Resident Evil 3: The first trailer of the remake shows Jill Valentine, Nemesis and more

Resident Evil 3: Remake of the horror title officially confirmed with first trailer (1) (Source: Capcom)

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Capcom has not only announced the Resident Evil 3 remake, but will also release a Collector's Edition.

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