Remaster will apparently only come in 2021 without multiplayer

from Andreas Bertits
It seems like we will have to wait a little longer for the remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy, which is potentially in development. Allegedly it had to be moved and also appears without multiplayer mode

Whether really a remaster of the Mass Effect Trilogy is not sure yet. Electronic Arts has not announced anything of the kind. But insiders claim that a new edition is in the works and there is some evidence to suggest that they are right too. But apparently we have to wait a little longer for the publication.

There is still something to be done

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, who is often right with his information, said that we won't be able to do anything until 2021 with the release of the Mass Effect (buy now € 8.99 /€ 28.49 ) Trilogy can count. According to his information, this is due to the first part of the trilogy. Allegedly, the improvements should not be as extensive as hoped. EA now allegedly fears that players could feel put off by Mass Effect 1 and then stop trying the other two parts of the trilogy. Mass Effect 1 is now around 13 years old. Even if the story is still convincing today, you can tell the game is graphically just its age. Obviously EA has to lend a hand again to significantly upgrade the look.

Jeff Grubb also stated that while all of the single-player DLCs for the three Mass Effect games will be included, the multiplayer will not. Mass Effect 3 was the first game in the science fiction series to have a multiplayer mode. But this will not be revived for the remaster.

It is not known whether this information is correct. When we can expect the official announcement of a remaster of the Mass Effect Trilogy is also unclear.

Source: Venturebeat

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