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The rumors about a possible Playstation-exclusive game by the Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment are growing. The LinkedIn profile of Remedy's lead producer Alexis Guariguata suggests that there could be a joint development with Sony. In addition, Remedy has been visited by Sony Interactive Head of Indie in the past.

After the rumors about a possible cooperation between the Finnish developer studio Remedy Entertainment and Sony Interactive were fueled last year, there is now new speculation. The job title of Remedy's lead producer Alexis Guariguta indicates a possible cooperation with the developer department of Playstation Europe. Sony XDEV, as the external department of PlayStation Europe is called, was mentioned in its job title on LinkedIn.

The name "XDEV + CoDev" indicates that a joint project is currently being worked on. We also reported back in November that Sam Lake, the lead author of Alan Wake and Max Payne, appears to be writing a new story, What this is, however, is not yet known.

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In the conversation was also a possible studio takeover by Sony, as well a remaster by Alan Wake or even a sequel to the popular horror game. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. However, what has been confirmed is that Remedy regained the rights to the Alan Wake franchise last year, which reinforces rumors of a possible sequel or remaster.

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Remedy Entertainment is mainly through the first two parts of the Max Payne series, such as Alan Wake. Quantum break and the Control released last year. There Sony will not visit E3 again this year It remains to be seen when and whether a title from Remedy and Sony will be announced.

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Remedy Entertainment: Control developers are probably working on a new game

The developer studio Remedy Entertainment is apparently already working on the next game. Alan Wake: developers hint at PlayStation release of action title (1)PCX360PS3

Alan Wake: Developers hint at PlayStation release

The Remedy team has indicated the release of Alan Wake on other platforms. Remedy Entertainment now owns publisher rights to Alan Wake (1)

Remedy Entertainment now owns publisher rights to Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment's managers are once again in possession of the Alan Wake series publishing rights.