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With Swamps of Corsus, Soulsborne-like third-person shooter Remnant: Fom the Ashes is now getting its second major update after the hardcore mode. The expansion includes new items of equipment and armor skins, as well as a new campaign with expanded zones, bosses and quests. At the heart of the new expansion is the survival mode – with an additional level of difficulty.

In the new DLC for Remnant: From the Ashes called Swamps of Corsus, players end up in an even more dangerous version of Corsus, in which the swamps are claimed by the Iskals sect. In Adventure Mode, the goal is to stop the Iskal threat, or to help the Queen implement the sect's plans. The new scenario is accompanied by fresh bosses, actions, quests and equipment. By defeating overworld opponents and completing dungeons, players can get up to three additional weapons.

The biggest novelty of the DLC is the survival mode: In this rogue-like game mode, the players only start with a pistol and little scrap metal to fight their way through randomly selected biomes and get better equipment. This is important, because objects cannot be made, instead you level up completely using experience points. Caution is advised – on higher levels of difficulty, the level of the opponents increases over time!

In addition to the new content from the paid expansion, the developers of Gunfire Games also added some free patches to the update, including the particularly tricky Apocalypse difficulty level. The full ones You can read patch notes here.

Swamps of Corsus has been available on Steam for $ 9.99 since April 28th. The bundle with the main game costs 44.99 euros. A console version of the DLC will be released on June 4 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Gunfire Games

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