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After the release of WoW Patch 8.3, players were able to briefly open the reward boxes of the Black Empire in the Valley of Eternal Flowers several times. Blizzard temporarily banned accounts using this exploit. However, the developers have since lifted this penalty.

The release of WoW Patch 8.3 did not really go smoothly: numerous bugs hit the game and caused frustration within the community, although Blizzard (generously) generously installed hotfixes on the servers. One of these bugs allowed players to open the Black Empire's special loot box in the Valley of Eternal Flowers multiple times.

The boxes appear during the attacks by N'Zoth and can only be opened with special keys. Players assemble these keys from six key fragments each, which the opponents of the respective invasion drop. However, the error apparently ensured that some players could open a single box multiple times – similar to how some daily quests in the Valley of Eternal Flowers and in Uldum could be completed repeatedly.

Blizzard then got loud Wowhead individual players who allegedly took advantage of the error were temporarily banned. However, this was apparently a misinterpretation by the developers, who have now lifted the account locks again. Blizzard writes in one official bluepost:
"We have lifted the barriers we had issued for repeatedly looting the Black Empire crates. We recently fixed the underlying bug. Our initial analysis indicated that an exploit has occurred: a series of actions that occur outside of normal game play to give an edge. However, a deeper investigation has shown that this has not always been the case. This chest could be reset under harmless and even accidental circumstances."

So if you got a spell because of looting the box, you should now easily go back to WoW (buy now for € 32.95) can log in.

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