Aspyr is working on a port of the action game Star Wars: Republic Commando for PS4 and, thanks to backward compatibility, also for the PS5. A version for Nintendo Switch is also planned.

A shooter classic comes back in a modern style

You're experiencing the same game from 2005, only updated. Aspyr not only wants to improve the graphics, but also the controls. "What worked in 2005 doesn't translate perfectly to modern hardware. That's why we've updated the controls so that they feel just right on the DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers," the announcement said. Nevertheless, the developers respect the original and want to bring back the feel of the game from back then. You can also collect new trophies, including a platinum achievement. The controls have also been adapted for the switch socket.

Therefore the story stays the same. You play Delta Squad Leader RC-1138, aka Delta Three-Eight, aka "Boss", who leads his troop through action-packed missions. If you know the cartoon series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Delta Squad should say something to you, as the troop played a role in the series. Since you are not playing a single soldier of the republic, but rather a whole squad, you are more tactical in the missions than in a regular shooter. You have to give orders to the team members, for example to break down doors or track down and eliminate enemies.

The release of the new edition of Star Wars: Republic Commando (buy now 15.00 € /€ 7.37 ) is planned for April 6th – for PS4 (PS5 thanks to backward compatibility) and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Playstation blog / Gematsu



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