Disgusting, bloody, good? Netflix has increased the horror section, and that with a "golden" work from the pen of the famous director Fatih Akin: A repulsive horror drama about a true story.

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"The golden glove“Is not the title of a cozy children's fairy tale, but a novel by Heinz Strunk that deals with the life of a serial killer. The real story – certainly equipped with additional details in the novel – found its way into the film genre through "Gegen die Wand" director Fatih Akin. And now finally to Netflix.

What to expect: Bum atmosphere, crooked path and the repulsive violence of a Hamburg woman murderer. Led by Akin's talented hand, the film promises both high art and sheer disgust.

The Golden Glove on Netflix: Only if you can take it

It always gets worse when what you find really repulsive on the screen actually happened in a similar way: In the horror crime thriller you can take a look at the life of Fritz Honka Woman murderer from the 70s in Hamburg. The post-war period is still in the bones of those who have lived through everything – and some of the most bizarre and miserable figures of this time meet in Fritz ‘'s favorite pub" Der Goldene Handschuh ".

Fritz himself is broken too and enjoys breaking other people just as well: Sex, porn, filth, and three heinous murders of women are the result of his hatred, and director Fatih Akin has been with his other films Against the wall and On the other hand proved that he can depict blatant topics all the more blatantly.

If you feel up to the nightmare, you can Stream The Golden Glove on Netflix from now on.

If you want to see more of this genre after the shocker, we can help you too The House That Jack Built recommend: Although the latest film by cult director Lars von Trier only follows a fictional serial killer, it is definitely not inferior to the work “The Golden Glove” in terms of violence and sadism. You can also stream it on Netflix.