Require XP to the maximum level massively increased

from Philipp Sattler
In the latest build of the beta of WoW Shadowlands, the experience points you need on the way from level 50 to level 60 have been massively increased. However, at least for your first character that you play in Shadowlands, that shouldn't really matter. Because with that you have to cross all areas completely anyway.

If you want to reach the maximum level in WoW, you have to collect a lot of experience points. That has always been the case and will also change in the coming expansion Shadowlands Not. So far, in the current beta, you needed relatively few experience points for each level up. This has changed now. In the latest build, Blizzard has increased the required XP from 50 to 60 by a whopping 45 percent. At the first few levels, the increase is still quite humane, while from level 59 to 60 you now have to collect almost 67 percent more experience points. Instead of 322k XP you need a whopping 537k. It sounds like leveling is taking longer now. In practice, that doesn't matter with your first character.

Because about the endgame of WoW (buy now) To be able to play Shadowlands (for example, to join a pact), you have to get through the entire campaign of all four areas, including the starting experience in the Throat, anyway. So far, even if you've only played the necessary main story, you will have reached level 60 long before the end of the campaign, even without a rest bonus and the like. With the change, that should no longer be the case. In the best case, you will reach level 60 with the last quest of the campaign in Revend Dreh. In the worst case, you have to sprinkle a few dungeons or side quests in between to get the necessary experience points. The way to level 60 shouldn't take significantly longer.

With twinks, however, things are different. If you have a character at max level, you can choose your pact with all other characters right at the start of Shadowlands and you do not have to play through the entire campaign before you can jump into the endgame. Here the increase in the required XP takes full effect and you need significantly longer before your twinks can throw themselves into the final content of Shadowlands.

Do you like a longer level path for twinks or do you just want to reach the maximum level as quickly as possible?

Here is a table in which the Wowhead data miners have entered all required experience points per level. As you will quickly notice, the experience required on the lower levels has even been reduced a little.

stepNeed XP beforehandRequired XP nowdifference
491283951540758:00 pm%

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Source: wowhead

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