Required XP reduced from level 50 to 60

from Philipp Sattler
After the postponement of WoW Shadowlands, the developers on the beta servers are still working on the upcoming expansion. In the last build, you have now massively reduced the experience points you need for the way from level 50 to the new maximum level 60.

If at some point the postponed Shadowlands appears, millions of characters will make their way to the new maximum level 60. To do this, you have to cross several areas, experience various stories and ultimately join one of the four pacts. You collect tons of experience points that give you one level increase after the next until you have reached level 60 at some point. Ideally, this should happen at the exact moment you have completed the level campaign. Because unlike in previous expansions, there is, at least with your first character, no way to start the endgame before you have gone through the entire story – level 60 or not.

On the other hand, it is of course bitter if you have not reached level 60 after the end of the campaign and have to grind in the good, old manner to move forward. Therefore it is more important than before that the required experience points are well balanced and this is exactly what the developers are currently trying to achieve in the WoW beta (buy now ) Shadowlands. In order to prevent the scenario just described, which occurred when skipping dungeons and side quests, the required experience points have now been massively reduced.

Step rangePrevious XP Current XPreduction
50 to 51178.215177.1900.6%
51 to 52205,775194,6005.5%
52 to 53238.935205,46514%
53 to 54272.185216,60020.5%
54 to 55307,435228.00525.9%
55 to 56344.730239.68030.5%
56 to 57384.120251.62534.5%
57 to 58425,665263,84038.1%
58 to 59469.405276.32541.2%
59 to 60515,400289.08044%

Especially towards the end you need significantly less experience points, which should ensure a more even leveling up, while you were previously flying like a whirlwind through the first levels, only to take longer and longer afterwards.

In principle, the change has little effect on how quickly you arrive in the endgame. Because you still have to end the campaign first. Only for twinks the path is shortened considerably.

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