Research breakthrough with Sheinux in May

from Susanne Braun
In May, Pokémon Go players can look forward to Sheinux in the field research breakthrough, at least a little goodie after the Kastadur annoyance around March 2020. Because the second Evolution Luxtra from Sheinux is a passable, non-legendary electric attacker. This encounter reward does not really knock anyone off their feet.

The developers of Pokémon Go have apparently let the wheel of fortune decide which Pokémon they want to release as a reward for a field research breakthrough. So the bike decided and the choice fell on the flickering Pokémon Sheinux. You will get this from May 1, 2020 from 10:00 p.m. and until June 1, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. from a field research breakthrough. Sheinux is a decent choice for the PvE metagame, although there are stronger attackers than Sheinux's second development, Luxtra.

However, Luxtra is still a very good electric attacker who is not legendary, and therefore it is worthwhile to hope for a Sheinux with good IV values. In addition, when you redeem the fieldwork breakthrough, you will receive extra Sheinux candies that will help you develop a potent fighter. Most Pokémon Go players will probably just hope for a Shiny Sheinux; a very nice trophy for collectors, since Sheinux is not necessarily one of the most common pocket monsters in Pokémon Go.

In PvP, i.e. in Pokémon Go's coaching matches, Sheinux plays less of a role. Luxio, the first development by Sheinux and Luxtra itself are more likely to fail due to a low defensive in the Superleague. In the hyperleague, Luxtra is doing reasonably well with the attacks timpani (immediate) as well as gnashing and power surge (both charging attacks), but here you can also choose a Raichou or a Magnezone. If you want to go to battle with an electric Pokémon, Luxtra is nowhere near the PvP strength of a Zapdo. Incidentally, the start of season 2 of the fighting league in Pokémon Go has been postponed, as the Niantic people tweeted.

Why the fans of Pokémon Go got excited about Kastadur in the field research breakthrough can be found in the corresponding news. But the nostalgia challenge 2020 is much more interesting for the PoGo fans at the moment. We have already explained that Sheinux is less successful in PvP – when it comes to success at the box office … you know after reading the top 5 of the most unsuccessful films in 2019, which films do not belong. ^^

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