Resident Evil 3 walkthrough with Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira campaign tips. We provide you with the locations of the weapons, weapon upgrades, belt pouches and much more. You will also find a solution to the (albeit sparse) puzzles, the combinations for safes or lockers and the locations of the most important items. The game starts with a mysterious intro, before you unsure Downtown Raccoon City with Jill Valentine. In the first part of our Resi 3 guide, we guide you through the first section of Raccoon City.

We also recommend our beginner tips for Resident Evil 3 to you. It gives you more details about the gameplay adjustments compared to the terrific Resi 2 remake. Whether evasive move or annoying zombie grabbers with unusual quick-time events, in Resident Evil 3 (buy now for € 59.99) Remake feels a lot different. Use our tips section for horror action in the coming days. There we provide you with further guides to the collectibles, all codes and combinations for safes and puzzles and much more.

Resident Evil 3 walkthrough – getting started in Raccoon City

In this solution to the Resident Evil 3 remake, we offer you tips on the newly revamped horror action mix. We first flee from Jill's apartment and then move to downtown Raccoon City. By the way, in our test on Resident Evil 3 you will learn all the strengths and weaknesses of the remake.

Unusual intro – escape

Finally it starts! The Resident Evil 3 remake starts in a first-person perspective. You wake up in a sepia colored dream. It's raining outside. Go into the bathroom and you will see Jill Valentine's face. Turn on the tap to start the sequence. After this

The intro starts with Jill Valentine's dream.

The intro starts with Jill Valentine's dream.


you wake up in the room, you switch on the light in front of the Raccoon City Map. Before you go to the bathroom again, read the first documents in the apartment. If you find all the notes contained in the game, you unlock an achievement or a trophy. In the bathroom you use the tap again before you go to the phone. Don't worry, you won't miss a thing with the slow start in Resident Evil 3.

After you have spoken to Brad on the phone, Nemesis appears and the escape sequence begins. The game switches to third-person view and you leave the staircase and flee to another apartment via the fire escape. You can't miss much. Sequences are scripted, you always try to escape until you have reached the alley below. Grope your way along the wall and you will meet STARS member Brad. Follow him until the scene in the bar. You will also learn the first tutorial tips at the start of Resident Evil 3. You get the pistol behind the bar. Ignore the zombies, turn around and keep on fleeing. Better save ammunition.

You pass the bus and crawl under the neon sign before walking past the school bus into the alley on the left. In the following warehouse you meet Dario Rosso, click through the dialog and you unlock a challenge with points. Before you leave the camp, take the ammunition with you at the exit. You crawl under the bars and go to the elevator in the parking garage. Run around the zombies, take the elevator up and run to the helicopter. After the video sequence, you start the car and accelerate via the Quicktime event. You are saved by Carlos Oliveira and you are now at the subway station.

With Carlos in the subway station

Before you finish the Resident Evil 3 tutorial and follow Carlos, turn around and run up the stairs. You will find the first Mr. Charlie figure in the top right between the blue and red newspaper racks. Shoot the figure. It is then activated for all game runs in your chosen profile. Warning: This first bobble doll is passable. You will not return to this place later. Take

After the subway sequence you start the game.

After the subway sequence you start the game.


so if you want to collect all of these collectible figures. In our collectible guide to all Charlie characters in Resident Evil 3, we help you with the remaining characters.

Now Carlos Oliveira follows her on the way through the subway to the platform. The game starts here after the dialogue with the two members of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, or U.B.C.S. Take the documents with you on the way out of the subway. Once at the top you will find a box, herbs and gunpowder as well as the inventory box and a typewriter for storing inventory items. By the way, you call up the map of the level via touchpad (PS4) or view button (Xbox One). If a room is shown in red, there are still items, boxes or unsolved puzzles in the room. For example, in the entrance to the subway station, Jill Valentine finds a box that is secured with a lock and a kind of grandfather clock riddle in which you have to insert gems. All items for solving the puzzles and the location of the lock pick can be found in the following section of our Resident Evil 3 walkthrough.

Downtown Raccoon City

After you have collected all objects, you go outside. Here the tutorial offers you the tip of evading using the R1 button (RB button on Xbox One) in conjunction with the analog stick. As soon as a zombie screams at you with outstretched arms, press this key combination. If you execute the evasive movement correctly, roll Quick time event in case of zombie attack
You press the X key (PS4) or the A key (Xbox One) as soon as a zombie grabs you, in quick succession. You should know: You will be bitten in any case! The damage taken depends on how quickly you trigger. By the way: In the options you can also switch to "hold key" if necessary.
Jill under the zombie attack. If the picture turns milky, you have reached the perfect timing. You should practice this action a little, because it feels choppy at the beginning. At best you go around the first zombie and take the path on the left through the alley.

In this narrow place you slip through or kill both zombies with the pistol. If you play on the "Easy" difficulty level, you will receive aiming aid on the head of the undead. When you arrive at the large square, you walk all the way north to the grid of zombies. The following video sequence reveals the main mission to you. The alley northwest leads to the power substation, but is on fire. So the search for a suitable aid begins. After you run back, the zombies break through the bars across from the Uncle Toy store. The red barrel explodes when fired upon, letting you kill larger groups of undead. Use the barrel at this point if all three zombies are nearby.

The path leads you down the alley through the donut shop. We recommend this route, since you will find a saferoom with inventory box and typewriter there. In the lower part in front of the shop you will also find three zombies. In addition, a power generator flashes greenish on the right. If you shoot at it, the undead will be stunned by an electric shock. You use this fact to get past the donut shop undamaged. The storage room is in the back left of the kitchen. In addition to items, you will also find a jewelry box here. Open it and take out the red jewel. First pack it in the item box, you will need it later for the grandfather clock riddle in the subway station at Carlos.

You have to put out the fire in this alley to get on.

You have to put out the fire in this alley to get on.


Find fire hose

To put out the fire in the burning alley, run into the subway office. For this you take the back exit from the donut shop and

You pack the fire hose.

You pack the fire hose.


stay right. Dodge the zombies or use the blast barrel to get rid of the many undead at the same time. The building with the red neon sign "Kite Bros Railway" is your next destination. There is an extinguishing hose in the aisle between the two doors. Kill the zombie in this area. Also enter the two rooms to unlock them on the map.

In the room on the left of the map you will find the switch box for the subway, which, however, requires electricity. In the room on the right, the shotgun is behind a grille, which is secured by a chain. So you need a bolt cutter to get the gun. Loot items from the rooms – at least the items that are not secured by locks. With the bolt cutter in your pocket, you now go back to the alley to put out the fire and clear the way to the power station.

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