Do you want to buy RE3 Remake digitally? Then you are not affected. However, if you pre-ordered or flirted with a physical version, you might have to wait a few days longer.

As Capcom says in an official message, it could be Delayed delivery of Resident Evil 3 remake coming: The worldwide spread of the corona virus causes supply bottlenecks in Europe; Non-physical copies of games are also excluded:

"Although the global release date for Resident Evil 3 Remake will be maintained on April 3, 2020, some European markets could be of Delivery delays to be affected. Are also included delayed deliveries of video game discs."

Capcom is watching the situation and would like to keep you informed of any problems. Ultimately, of course, digital sales remain excluded from these bottlenecks, but the download could take a little longer than usual: To ensure the stability of the Internet during the coronavirus pandemic, Sony has throttled the PlayStation download.

The GIGA GAMES community is largely understanding

Delays in delivery, throttled downloads – even streaming services had to Shut down qualityto prevent network congestion. The providers and publishers encounter mixed feedback, but one thing should be clear: Nobody want Reduce downloads or deliver games laterthan actually promised. At the moment, all companies are fighting the COVID 19 pandemic in a variety of ways, and that GIGA GAMES community is mostly understanding in this regard.

We asked on Facebook: Do you mind if you get your physical copy of RE3 Remake later?

"We don't mind everything with Calm and patience. Have to wait longer anyway, ”explains about Tina U. Alexia Akai, while El Vicino notes "Well it annoys me, but it's understandable. I'm glad that so many are switching to digital, which increases my chance of still getting the physical copy. I ordered it at my front door. But I'm not sure if the dealers have the bottlenecks or all of them. I mean, if you have the stores, nothing can be sold. ”

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Did you pre-order a physical copy of Resident Evil 3 Remake? We won't be buying the game in-store for release day anyway, but pre-orders may be affected by the issue. Meanwhile, it’s probably a good idea can only be ordered digitally in the near future.