After the high quality and above all the commercial success of the new edition of Resident Evil 2 Even the biggest denial of reality probably knew that Capcom would donate remakes to other games. Resident Evil 3 was the logical next step, but fans were already discussing further new editions. The Resident Evil Code in particular: Veronica and Dino Crisis were very popular. Now, however, we were all surprised by the message that allegedly already one Remake of Resident Evil 4 under development is. No question, the original is an excellent game, but precisely this quality could, among other things, ensure that the reissue of this classic could be a disappointment.

When does a remake make sense?

While, in my opinion, remasters are really only worthwhile for gamers who missed the original one or two generations of consoles, I'm quite open to video game remakes and (soft) reboots. Since the medium is actively received, it is sometimes even necessary to give a series a new esprit with a reboot or to remake it to ensure that big titles do not just live on in the nostalgic memories of some people.

The remake of Resi 2 brings the survival horror classic into the modern.

The remake of Resi 2 brings the survival horror classic into the modern.

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So is God of War from 2018 is probably a good example of a successful reboot. The series needed a fresh air cure, which it got through a new setting, changed combat system and much more focus on story and characters. With remakes, the need becomes even clearer. You can tell a younger gambler as often as great a Final Fantasy VII or are a Resident Evil 2, however, due to the outdated look and the dusty playability (at least in the case of Resi 2 with the tank control), the probability is not particularly high that these classics will really be caught up and played through.

With the remakes of the two games, these hurdles are overcome and a whole new generation of players is finally able to experience these games. This need for remakes can be interpreted as a flaw in the medium of video games, but remakes can at least work here. Just think of the film industry with unnecessary remakes of The Magnificent Seven or Ben Hur or the messed up Ghostbusters reboot. Even if the quality of the films is right, one automatically wonders why the strips exist at all. After all, the passive medium does not have the hurdles that occur with old games. Old is also the right keyword here, because where is a remake of Resident Evil 4 necessary?

Sure, Resi 4 has been around for 15 years since its original release on Nintendo's Gamecube, but it doesn't seem that way. There are two reasons that should also speak against a remake. On the one hand, one does not necessarily think of the biblical age of 15, which is almost biblical for video games, since Capcom ensures that Resi 4 cannot be placed in the nostalgia storage of the gamer brain. The classic really chases you since it has gradually been made available for other platforms since it was released on the Gamecube.

Resident Evil 4 has been repeatedly released for so many platforms that the title still looks current.

Resident Evil 4 has been repeatedly released for so many platforms that the title still looks current.

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This even across generations, because the title not only appeared on the Gamecube and then for PC and PS2, but (as an HD remaster) also for Wii, Wii-U, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. Anyone who has had anything to do with video games in the past 15 years has always had the opportunity to play Resident Evil 4. Even if you were not interested in it, the title was always present, because the website reported on the remaster releases or you automatically stumbled upon Capcom's action adventure while shopping in the online store. The need for a remake is therefore limited.

The second reason why you don't think about the age of the title and actually doesn't need a new edition is even more important: Resident Evil 4 is still so good that a remake is absolutely unnecessary and the developers don't have any leeway for it have creative changes and renewals. Of course, one can now argue about whether there are some sections in which you see Ashley as Leon. S. Kennedy has to protect, change so that they are less annoying, but otherwise Resi 4 is still an absolute top game.

Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4.

Even 15 years after the release, Resi 4 is still a great game.

Source: Capcom

The controls work well, the settings are varied, the opponents are nasty, the game world is atmospheric and, above all, the game has a really great pacing. Sections and gameplay elements are so well timed that there is really nothing to improve. And this is where the remake of Resident Evil 2 shone by modernizing and thus changing some processes. This made the new edition feel both fresh and familiar.

However, the changes were mostly necessary because the original had not aged so well in some places. The remake benefited particularly from the modernized narrative, since the original story and presentation were so trashy that nowadays one laughs at them instead of being scared. But that is not the case with Resi 4. So what to do? Leave everything as it is in the original or make changes, not because they are necessary, but only to change something? Everything sounds stupid. In my opinion, a remake of Resident Evil 4 cannot even be technically justified, because the title still looks really neat.

But I don't want to complain so much here either. I love Resi 4 and I'm not kidding myself. If there is a remake, I will play it. At the moment, however, I cannot imagine that it could grab me just as much as the new editions of parts 2 and 3, which you could experience completely new. I personally cannot understand the decision to remake Resi 4 simply because I see no need for it. Perhaps I am (just like many fans) simply disappointed that remakes for Code: Veronica or Dino Crisis are not to be expected at first. Or am I just afraid that Resi 4 will be followed by lousy parts 5 and 6? I don't know, but I couldn't be blamed.

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