Resident Evil 8 discovered on Steam – a trap, it turns out

Resident Evil Village is already on Steam and also reduced by 40 percent? Yes, too good to be true. Everything is lazier than a zombie about this game.

Resident Evil Village

The quality control on Steam has often been noticed by its simple absence. Even with the game Biohazard Village A quick glance would have been enough to determine: Here someone is copying very boldly Resident Evil Village.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted about this game with the corrected question of how this can be allowed.

Biohazard is the name for Resident Evil in Japan, in addition to the franchise name, developer Forest Games has also grabbed the style and title of the eighth Resident Evil part and made it their own game. Not only is the copy extremely cheap, but also the price, which is not even one euro (thanks to 40 discount). However, the game cannot be found in the German Steam Store on SteamDB you can take a look at Biohazard Village – but you don't have to.

Maybe you would rather go for a real Resident Evil game:

Resident Evil 3 - 100% UNCUT, USK18 (PlayStation 4) "src ="

Resident Evil 3 – 100% UNCUT, USK18 (PlayStation 4)

The description then tops it all off, it says: "This is a third-person shooter in which you play as a girl fighting a zombie in a city where a man-made catastrophe has occurred." Quite right, there is from in the text A zombie the speech.

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In the depths of the Steam Store you can find many a brazen copy of a well-known game. In response to Ahmad's tweet, another Twitter user reports such a game. It's called Man standing. What could that be?

One should stand one "Unique gaming experience" that comes across as strangely familiar. Wasn't there even a game from this guy from Japan who did something similar to the one from The Walking Dead?

Until there is real news about Resident Evil Village, the Tokyo Game Show will take place from September 23-27, 2020 – digitally of course.

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