Resident Evil 8: fans hope for announcement in June

from David Martin
Fans are hoping for an upcoming announcement from Resident Evil 8. Players who are enrolled in the Resi Ambassador program are currently reporting that they have received a message for an upcoming announcement. Even more: the announcement is planned for the period around June 10th. What is hidden behind it can only be speculated due to the lack of information from Capcom. On Twitter, fans have great hope that Resident Evil 8 will be announced shortly. Rumors of a new part of the popular survival horror series have been circulating on the Internet for months.

Fans are hoping for Resident Evil 8 to be announced soon: Twitter is currently reporting that Capcom is planning to announce the popular survival horror series for the period around June 10. According to the user, the information comes from the Resident Evil Ambassador program. Users participating in the program should have received a notification from Capcom. The publisher has apparently already told fans when news about Resident Evil can be expected. The date doesn't seem to be final. No further details can be found in the message.

For example, users participating in the Resident Evil Ambassador program receive some information earlier and may also participate in closed test phases. It remains to be seen what is behind the announcement planned for June. Hope is growing among fans that the presentation could be related to Resident Evil 8. Rumors of a new part of the survival horror series have been circulating through the vastness of the Internet for months.

However, the publisher could also announce other news from the Resident Evil series on June 10. Recently, for example, there were rumors of a remake of Resident Evil 4. In April, the company released a new edition of Resi 3, last year Resident Evil 2. Incidentally, a big announcement by Capcom in June is by no means unlikely: Many publishers want E3 -Month introduce their new games in digital events. The E3 had to be canceled this year due to the corona crisis. We keep you up to date in our news area.

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