Resident Evil 8: Leaks may reveal game details

There is currently a comprehensive leak to Resident Evil 8 in circulation. This allegedly provides fans of the horror series with first details on the latest offshoot. Accordingly, it is again a game from the first person perspective, but there is also talk of zombies and werewolves.

Fans are currently waiting for the Resident Evil 3 remake to be released Current rumors to Resident Evil 8 are currently offering one exciting distraction, If you believe the rumors, there are currently both games in development,

The published leaks state that the eighth part of the horror game series should again be out of the First person perspective to be played around Ethan rotate. We already know him from the seventh part of Resident Evil. Furthermore, it says Zombies would find their way back into the game, but they shouldn't be the only danger. Werewolf-like opponents and a new form of stalkers should make it difficult for the players. The return of. Could help Chris Redfield,

There are still a few pieces of jewelry waiting for us:

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Just a spin-off?

While some sources report that the information is certainly related to Resident Evil 8, thinks AestheticGamer (Dusk Golem) that there is also one another possibility gives.

"Me and the people who shared the rumor about RE8 talked about it a few days ago because I'm sure it's more of a game that Capcom started about six months ago. I think Capcom did a test with the fans to see what it was about. I didn't know anything specific about werewolves and witches until we talked about it. The Chris thing and the B-movie monster story go very well with two other things that I know of.

However, I am sure that this is not the final direction RE8 is heading. It could also be a side game. I know for sure that this is NOT the final version of RE8. However, it is not uncommon for ideas that are believed to be dead to be taken and transformed into something else, which is how Revelations 2 was created, ”says AestheticGamer.

So far, Capcom has not voiced on the rumors, so it’s time to wait and drink tea. What do you say about the information? Are they believable and do they make you curious? Please write us your opinion in the comments.