Do you want to know which shoe size the vampire lady Lady Dimitrescu from the horror game Resident Evil 8 Village has? After all, she is just under 2.90 meters tall. And she seems to be living on a really big scale.

Lady Dimitrescu is great because she has to be creepy

New concept art reveals that Lady Dimitrescu’s feet are 44 centimeters long. That would be the equivalent of shoe size 68. Art Director Tomonori Takano also revealed in an interview how the tall lady was created in the first place: “We reused the character model from Mia from Resident Evil 7 and gave her a dress and a hat. I thought that would be enough would to give it a ghostly quality but we couldn’t make it look creepy. Then we decided to make the character model a lot bigger. That was the beginning of Lady Dimitrescu. I drew a concept art where she stoops, to get through a door. I had a feeling that would work. “

Lady Dimitrescu lives in a castle with her three daughters. The oldest, Bela, is described as being rather calm. Cassandra, on the other hand, has a sadistic streak. The youngest daughter, Daniela, is “crazy”. According to game director Morimasa Sato, Lady Dimitrescu’s family should mirror that of hero Ethan Winters. It is supposed to represent a kind of parallel. “Ethan has a family that he’s trying to protect, so we wanted to have a family for Lady Dimitrescu as well, to create a contrast,” explains Sato.

“The concept started with a castle with a hundred witches inside, but that was difficult to implement in a video game format, which is why we ended up doing it,” adds Takano. “But when you play the game, you might notice that the setting is still pretty close to this idea. All types of opponents within the castle are female. With Lady Dimitrescu as the guru of the cult, we created this hierarchy of women. Men let themselves Draw the blood from these women, so you could say it’s the opposite of Dracula. “

For legal reasons, you can view the drawings via the source link. How it all plays and feels, we will find out on May 7th, when Resident Evil 8 Village is released for PC, PS4 / PS4 and Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X / S.

Those: IGN

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