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Some new information regarding Resident Evil 8 has surfaced again. An alleged insider explains that the game was actually developed as Revelations 3, but Capcom liked it so much that they now make it part of the main series.

The alleged insider Dusk Golem said on Twitter that the game we are now calling Resident Evil 8 see, was actually not developed as part of the main series. It was originally planned to release it under the name Revelations 3.

Revelations 3 become RE 8

However, according to Dusk Golem, the work on the actual Resident Evil 8 was delayed and Capcom found Revelations 3 in internal tests so well that it was decided to launch it as RE 8 and later to release the game, which was actually planned as part eight .

The development team was given a year longer to customize the story and characters so that Revelations 3 can now be Resident Evil 8. It also says that elements of horror such as occultism and hallucinations can cause many players to be upset at first. In the coming weeks, we should receive official information about Resident Evil 8, which is planned as a Crossgen title for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

Source: Twitter

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