Capcom wanted Explicitly not make Resident Evil 8 so scary like its predecessor. But the developers definitely made their calculations without the modding community. First, PC gamers found a way to do that Reset the time limit of the demo version of the title, now they have opened Pandora’s box and shipped numerous monsters into the demo world of Resident Evil Village.

First, some creatures were replaced with Barney the Dino, and it’s truly scary. The painful screams haven’t been reworked, but maybe you can watch an old episode of Barney the Dino in the background. It is always tragic to see young actors lose their way. At least headshots should be a little easier to hand …

Ricardo Milos has also found his way into the game, but this moves a little more awkwardly than his role model from reality. However, he has kept his good looks.

This is about the scariest thing that has ever appeared in a Resident Evil title.

This is about the scariest thing that has ever appeared in a Resident Evil title.

What: Nexus Mods

The lovely Lady Dimitrescu also couldn’t get away without a make-over and now shows herself with the face of Thomas the locomotive. The pure horror.

Of course, there are also numerous mods that make changes to the gameplay. Ethan can defend himself against the winged demons with a fly swatter or swing a banana pistol.

You can find significantly more mods for Resident Evil 8 on Nexusmods.

Resident Evil 8 will be released on May 7, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well as Google Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. The corresponding demo version will be available until May 9th. We look forward to numerous more mods in the future.

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