The release of Resident Evil 8 Village is getting closer: The launch is scheduled for May 7th. Players who purchase the new survival horror title will also have access to the multiplayer component Resident Evil Re: Verse. However: The multiplayer battles cannot be contested directly with the release of Resi 8, as in Resetera-Forum is reported. Ambassador members have therefore received an email indicating that the service will start in “Summer 2021” – around the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil. A specific start date for Re: Verse is not available.

The website related to a Capcom spokesperson that the launch period for Resident Evil Re: Verse was not previously communicated. Players assumed that the multiplayer component would be available right from the start of Resident Evil 8. As soon as we have more information and an appointment, you will find out as usual on our website. It’s best to keep an eye on our news section.

Last left Resident Evil Re: Verses in Multiple Betas try out. Players slip into the role of a well-known resi character and compete against each other in teams of up to six members. If you die screen death, you return as a monster – and can take revenge on the survivors. Who, however Play Resident Evil 8 before release wants to take a look at the current demo.

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Resident Evil Re: Verse: Teaser video for Resi 8 Village’s multiplayer mode

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