The Capcom team has announced another Resident Evil showcase. On April 16, 2021, fans can look forward to new details from the horror game universe. Others have already been confirmed Gameplay for Resident Evil Village, which will be available in stores on May 7, 2021. The other highlights should also include some surprises. As before, Brittney Brombacher will host the Capcom showcase again.

The surprises mentioned could include, for example, the second demo of Resident Evil Village, which the team announced some time ago. So far, the game can only be tried out on the PS5 in a special test version. There are now also references to the second demo. In the background data of the PlayStation Store yesterday a “gameplay demo” from Resident Evil Village appeared, which has a size of around 10 GB. The test version of the horror game will be available on all platforms this time.

The PS5 demo was also released on the PlayStation Store after the last showcase. The Resident Evil Re: Verse Open Beta is also currently taking place. Until April 11th, fans have the opportunity to take a first look at the Resident Evil Village multiplayer (buy now 69,99 € ) to throw. We will then find out next week whether Capcom will talk about further projects from the RE universe. In addition to new games, the company is also working on films and series for Resident Evil.

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