Resident Evil 8 Village in the live stream from midnight: In the video showcase for the upcoming Resi adventure, Capcom offers new insights into the survival horror adventure. We’ll show you the stream from midnight below these lines. The eighth offshoot of the Resident Evil series for PC, PS5, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox Series X and Xbox One will be available in stores and for download from May 7th. For example, in an earlier live stream, Capcom introduced Lady Dimitrescu. The character is a proud 2.90 m tall. Fans are already shining with impressive cosplays about the mistress of the castle in Resident Evil Village.

In the current video on the upgrade system for weapons and equipment in Resident Evil 8 you can clearly see the influence of Resident Evil 4 on the setting and the gameplay. Protagonist Ethan carries his argumentation amplifier around with him in a suitcase. You collect money and treasures to upgrade your equipment. In the village level you kill animals for meat, which you can then exchange at the dealer.

In today’s live stream for Resident Evil 8 (buy now 59,99 € ) Village we are awaiting more details about the village level. In an interview with IGN, Game Director Morimasa Sato spoke about the setting in the village and the Mother Miranda entity. The character acts as a kind of deity for the villagers. Similar to Lady Dimitrescu in the castle, Miranda has a special role. There may be more details about both the village setting and Mother Miranda by midnight.



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