The almost three-meter tall vampire Lady Dimitrescu from Capcom’s new horror game Resident Evil Village has fascinated some fans since she was first introduced. Now players can even spank her butt.

Lady Dimitrescu and the fly swatter

With a mod it is possible to use the knife in the horror game Resident Evil 8 Village (buy now 60,14 € ) replace it with a fly swatter. Players are now showing what they can do with it on YouTube. They are trying to hit Lady Dimitrescu on her bottom with it. This of course pisses off the vampire lady and she starts chasing hero Ethan Winters through her castle to kill him. It has turned into a game. Players try to avoid Lady Dimitrescu’s attacks, get behind her and hit her with the fly swatter over and over again. More and more videos showing this are appearing on Youtube. It has become something of a trend among Resident Evil Village fans.

You can check out the Fly Swatter’s mod over Nexusmods download if you want to join this trend too. The file is almost 39 MB in size. Install the modification with the Fluff Manager. You can find the tool on the website ResidentEvilModding. You already have a fly swatter instead of a knife.

It is of course up to you what you think of this modification. Many will just see it as fun. Of course, the mod also leaves room for interpretation.

Do you want to try the mod too or don’t you like it? Let us know in the comments.

Those: Nexusmods

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