Resident Evil Village: That's why it's not just called Resident Evil 8 – up to date

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Why doesn't the next episode of Resident Evil actually have an "8" in its name? The answer to this comes directly from the developers. As the two producers have announced, the main aim is to make it clear that the name-giving village should be seen as a kind of new character.

Shortly after the official announcement of Resident Evil Village, some fans suspected that the name should actually be Resident Evil 8: Village. After all, Capcom had introduced the survival horror game as a successor to the seventh episode. But the number is missing, which, according to the developers, also has a very specific reason. The two producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano recently answered questions in an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu. The topic of the official name of the game also came up. Here are the translated answers:

Question: "You can find the number" XIII "in the Village logo. Then why isn't the title Resident Evil 8?"

Answer: "You could describe the actual village as another character in the game, so we did it so the players could understand it."

Question: "What is the official acronym for the game: RE8 or Village?"

Answer. "There isn't really an official shortcut, but we would just be happy if you remembered Village."

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Accordingly, the developers apparently attach great importance to the fact that the actual village of the game is very important and this is already made clear in the name, among other things. We know at the latest how important the role of the small town really is when Resident Evil Village (buy now) comes on the market. However, this will happen next year at the earliest, a specific release date has not yet been fixed.

Source: Famitsu (via Kotaku)

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