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The result of the reader's choice "Game of the Year 2019" is available. In the past few weeks you have been able to vote for your favorite game of the year in a survey carried out on our website. In a special video, we are now introducing the top 10. One game stands out: Resident Evil 2 Remake. The new edition of the popular survival horror classic is your game of the year!

In our large survey, you could in the past few weeks about yours Vote for "Game of the Year 2019", Several thousand players voted for their favorite within the participation period – the result is now available. We will present your top 10 best games 2019 in the special video below. The results are based on the large survey we posted on our websites in December PC games, Games News, Videogameszone.de and gamezone.de conducted.

One game stands out; your game of the year is: Resident Evil 2 remake! The new edition of the popular survival horror classic comes in first place with a big lead. The Resi 2 Remake scores with an incredible scary mood, wonderful light effects and a terrific soundscape. The hit feedback is just as awesome as the opponent design. This is how remakes have to look! We say: Congratulations, Resident Evil 2.

In our Test for the Resident Evil 2 remake you can read all the details again. Incidentally, Capcom has already announced further replenishment: A will appear in April 2020 Remake of Resident Evil 3 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We recorded the other positions in the video special below this message. In our picture gallery, you can also click through the top 10 – and find out the percentages that the individual games achieved when voting for the game of 2019.

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