Returnal is one of the first big games for the new PlayStation 5 and is therefore very popular. We too had with that Title a lot of fun, however found some criticisms. Most of all that Lack of a memory option is currently a hotly debated topic in the community, but the list of problems with the title goes on. For example, crashes Returnal with many players on a regular basis. However, this should not be due to the game itself, but to the PlayStation 5. So stressed a Speaker on Discord: “This is a problem with the platform. We have submitted our report [Sony] cleverly. Specifically, it has something to do with the pre-start system. “

Furthermore, the developers know about the various problems that players are currently struggling with. These include audio issues and invisible barnacles. In a current Discord chat of the developers, the known problems are discussed:

  • Game has no memory option

The team is aware of this problem. There is no longer any need to draw attention to it.

  • Not being able to interact with the Fabricators and go through doors

If you’re using a pre-order suit, go to the pause menu and restart your run. Then choose the simple Selene suit in your spaceship. Your run will be lost, but all permanent progress and weapon upgrades will be retained.

The sound can be too loud or cut off entirely

  • Barnacles are not displayed visually

Invisible barnacles can sneak around the map and suck you up even though you can’t see them.

  • After reassigning the control, some interactions do not work

Custom controls can prevent you from reading items around the house, interacting with chests, and other interactions. To fix the problem (for now), you can use the standard layout.

The constant crashes in particular get on the nerves of many gamers, so hopefully we’ll soon receive a firmware update from Sony to at least get rid of this problem.

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