Are you currently biting your teeth on the action game Returnal for the PS5? Are you already ready to use cheats? Then Dataminer Lance McDonald tells you how to get into the debug menu.

So cheatet ihr in Returnal

To get to the debug menu, you have to connect a keyboard to the Playstation 5. Then you only need to use a key combination to activate the cheat functions. These cheats are available in the game:

  • Press and hold Shift, Control, Alt 1 to 0 – so you drop your current level weapon and spawn a new one.
  • Press and hold Shift, Control and 8 – This will immediately bring you back to the last place (first cycle).
  • Press and hold Shift, Control, 4 – that will bring you back to the ship immediately.
  • Don’t press 3 or 7 or the game will freeze!
  • Pressing 1,2,5,6,9,0 has no effect.

You can see how the cheats work in the video:

The cheats work in versions 1.00 to 1.03. However, the development studio Housemarque is currently working on a patch for Returnal (buy now ). With this it should no longer be possible to use the cheats. But you can still use it by disconnecting the PS5 from the Internet and not downloading the update.

Of course, using the codes can spoil the gaming experience. Because the action game Returnal is designed so that you have to start over and over again in order to progress slowly but steadily. Since this can be frustrating, some players are already calling for an optional feature, save the game.

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Returnal: Housemarque PS5 game launch trailer

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