Rextroy – what a ringing name to our ears. The WoW player with a penchant for the dramatic is known for a number of special actions – and they all have one thing in common: Through clever "use" of the game mechanics, the limits of what is apparently possible are always reduced to absurdity.

Today it's not about Rextroy once again killing a raid boss single-handedly or putting players of the opposing faction in their place. No – today it's (once again) about another oneshot action. This time, the focus of the action: Rextroy’s fresh level 120 warlock, some Void rituals, a couple Curses of Desolation and a single one Chaos lightning.

Rextroy oneshotts 20 players with a Chaos Blitz

Rextroy recently released a new video in which he played around 20 opposing players with a single Chaos lightning destroyed. He also explains how he did this in his video – we have summarized the highlights for you.

Step 1: spoilage effect

The spoilage effect Void ritual According to Rextroy, the best effect to increase the Chaos lightning-Damage as the spell scales well with Versatility, Critical Strike Rating, and Mastery. Through the PvP talent Curse of desolation let yourself Chaos lightning also split it over as many goals as possible, which was also part of the strategy.

Step 2: Equipment Bonuses & Azerite

In a next step, Rextroy now collected numerous azerite items that were about the traits Falling chaos such as Chaotic inferno decreed. The essence slots were through this The formless void as well as through the Resonance from the world vein filled. Also the PvP trinket Corrupted Gladiator's Badge as well as the Racial ability of the Dark Iron helped with a further increase in damage.

Step 3: Analyze the problem

At the beginning of the feat, Rextroy faced some problems again.

The consistency of the championship standings

According to Rextroy, one problem was consistency. It is true that it was due to the spoilage effect alone Void ritual won around 10,000 championship ranking, but this varies a lot, as championship would always give a random damage bonus.

Inevitable consequences

Another problem is Blizzard's new mechanics Inevitable consequences been – because as a result (as soon as you have reached 200 or more corruption) you gradually suffer more damage the longer you stay in battle.

Step 4: good news and bad news

The good news is: through the Toad gently pressed you can only stay in the fight for a second or two, so with a little luck you can get the Spoilage effect can trigger with every kill.

The bad news: The Curse of desolation immediately arrange to be put into battle. In combination with the Inevitable consequences be one shot or two shot.

Step 5: work out the solution – and kill 20 enemies with one chaos bolt

The solution: According to Rextroy, there is a simple workaround. By immediately pulling out the items Void ritual you can keep the buff on the one hand and the Inevitable consequence to be able to deal with. Then you can enter the fight with normal equipment and incredible bonus values ​​- and so incredible Lightning bolts of chaos submit.

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