Paladin player Rextroy is known for some solo actions in World of Warcraft – so he only made a solo kill about Skitra from Ny'alotha about a month ago. Mass battles between shamans and paladins are also part of his repertoire.

Now he is back with a new world first kill and single-handedly defeated the raid boss Il'gynoth on the normal level of difficulty. How exactly could he do it? The short answer: Because of the talent Last defender and, unsurprisingly, a sophisticated tactic. (Source: Icy Veins)

Il'gynoth World First Solo Kill

Rextroy claims to have been working on this boss for a few weeks. The main task here, however, was the "gearing process", since very special objects and corruption effects were necessary for the kill.

The big goal was to get as much versatility as possible. Through an interaction of talents Last defender such as First avenger, numerous items of equipment such as Vector analysis and other effects Rextroy achieved (with Proccs) 100 percent versatility as well as shields that are round 100,000 damage absorbed. This provided 122,000 HPS at the end of the day and, with some tactical sophistication, the well-deserved world-first kill.

How was the equipment aligned?

Lots of small facets mattered so that Rextroy Il'gynoth could finish it. That is above all the talent Last defender combined with numerous versatility enhancements has been an enormously important part of the strategy.

The following also contributed to this success:

As a result, Rextry achieved the following equipment levels:

  • Item level 470
  • Necklace level 92
  • 100 percent versatility through Corruption Effects Proccs:
    • 6 percent on hands
    • 9 percent on a ring
    • 12 percent on the belt

thanks to the Vector analysis Rextroy achieved around 30 percent evasion and 30 percent parry – this ensured in connection with the talent First avenger for many Shield of the Avenger-Proccs and the HPS value mentioned above.

Boss fighting tactics

According to Rextroy, the main factor for a successful solo kill is that the eye of N'Zoth has to be kept out of reach. For this he additionally equipped his character 10 percent more running speed so that this can also be done more reliably. A big problem here was the Beserker timer of the first phase, because this also the Living chamber by 300 percent – and this is especially the "Disfigured limbs"Corruption has been important.

Therefore, it was the primary goal to get into the second phase without berserk – because here he could pull together all the add-ons, which would then result in the real fun start. These add-ons increase versatility, leave that Avenger's Shield procurement more often and thanks Last defender for a damage reduction of around 50 percent.

Basically it is a Struggle for survival, says Rextroy, where you have to play the numerous mechanisms perfectly: "The best tactic is to keep moving all the time, otherwise its beam will hit you."

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