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Teufelskerl Rextroy continues to draw attention to himself in Battle for Azeroth and tries to defeat raid bosses on his own. All bosses with adds seem to be a sure kill. In his latest video, he shows how he masters swarm awareness in Ny'alotha Solo.

The crazy solo paladin Rextroy has now defeated swarm consciousness in normal mode of Ny'alotha after Il'gynoth. He uses an old game mechanic that has been in WoW for ages. By pulling as many trashmobs as possible to the boss, he gets a lot of bonus damage as each parried attack increases his attack speed with normal attacks by up to 50 percent.

As a result, the protection paladin hits about two automatic attacks per second. This damage paired with Avenger's Shieldwhich hits both bosses in normal mode is enough to beat the 15 minute berserk timer. Well, actually it's more like nine minutes because the bosses have to be pulled apart in the meantime, which takes about six minutes for solo.

With the usual equipment, however, he was still unable to confront swarm consciousness, since the swarm guards of the Aqir give the add-ons an additional 50 percent attack speed during the further course of the boss fight. For more defense, the mechagon piece of jewelry was also included Vector analysis necessary, which grants an additional 27 percent dodge.

In addition, Rextroy plays with his solo hivemind kill Last defender, and 3x Bulwark of Light. Another important azerite portrait for this fight is Sailing shieldwho granted him the mastery needed to survive the damage of the Aqir speedsters. These were the biggest problems for him. According to Rextroy, there were around 200,000 HpS in the healmeter at the end.

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