of Dominik Zwingmann
Songs of Syx is currently in the works of a new development game by a Swedish developer, which is playfully reminiscent of a combination of Rimworld and Civilization. In the area of ​​graphics, however, the game relies on pixel optics. A demo is already available. The early access start is planned for the course of the year.

Fans of building games can look forward to the release of Songs of Syx looking forward. The title of Jakob de Laval from Sweden is to be released as an early access version on Steam later this year. In Songs of Syx, players have to take care of building and running a state. They will also lead their units to great battles. Graphically, the developer opted for pixel optics for his project. In the trailer below you get a first look at it.

Songs of Syx playfully reminds of a mix of Rimworld and Civilization. Jakob de Laval wants to bring things like trade, war or climate change into play with a high degree of realism. Mod support is already planned for the title. However, the early access phase will take some time because the developer wants to work on the game in the next four years. By the way, interested players can already get one demo Download. Further Details of Songs of Syx can be found on the Steam page.

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