Riot Games pays $ 10 million after sexism comparison

from Karsten Scholz
For over a year, the company Riot Games (League of Legends) is the focus of sexism allegations and a lawsuit by affected (some former) employees. Now there was a legal settlement that would allow all women who worked at Riot Games for the past five years to receive a payout. A total of 10 million US dollars will be distributed.

For a long time, Riot Games was known for one thing above all else: the incredibly successful MOBA League of Legends, which, even after more than ten years, is one of the most successful PC games month after month – in the October 2019, LoL dominated the list of the highest-selling titles again.

That changed a little over a year ago, when a detailed report appeared on Kotaku, in which several former and current employees of the company reported on sexual discrimination in the workplace, a misogynistic work climate and sexual harassment – we had written about it, Shortly thereafter, one appeared official statement from Riot Gamesincluding an apology and information on what steps you want to take to prevent such things from happening. Amongst other things a Chief Diversity Officer has been hiredwho should act against any kind of sexism.

The lawsuit came in November, however, which was now settled by a legal settlement. So Riot Games now has to make financial reparation to all the women who have worked at the company for the past five years. The amount of the sum should be dependent on the type and length of employment. According to the LA Times (via polygon), a total of $ 10 million will be distributed to about 1,000 women. Furthermore, in the context of the comparison, Riot Games is committed to ensuring equal opportunities in the future and to improving the company culture. Whether the chapter can now be closed? What do you all mean?

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