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The story of the ambitious tactical shooter Valorant from Riot Games should be told within the game itself. To what extent Riot wants to accomplish this and how the narrative differs from that Overwatch, we tell you in our news.

Similar to Blizzard with the hero shooter Overwatch, Riot Games tells the story of the MOBAs League of Legends in the context of comics, cinematics and interactions between the champions (heroes). One of their new projects, the tactical shooter Valorant, is supposed to work differently. The story should be told within the game and the game should change with the story. The players should be able to feel the story in every multiplayer match.

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Valorant is said to be playing on Earth in the near future. This fictional reality is supposed to use futuristic technology and is difficult to compare with our earth. There was an event called the first light that stretched across the globe. Certain people have acquired supernatural abilities through this event. Some of these skills are used by the agents in Valorant, as we have already seen in our preview. Such skills also changed the world and new governments rose. In response to these events, an organization called Valorant was founded.

Valorant is said to have an ongoing story that changes the game and is pushed forward after the release. Furthermore, there should be story material outside of the game, which, however, is picked up within the game. Riot Games wants players to be able to get to know the characters without any additional information. The game world of Valorant is said to be in constant change and to function without a huge website that explains the world and the story.

According to creative director David Nottingham, Riot Games is guided by how Fortnite developer Epic Games implemented changes to the game world in Fortnite without changing the gameplay too much or breaking it.

Source: Polygon

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