Nvidia's new graphics cards are even more expensive. According to the manufacturer, there are good reasons for this. Bottom line

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080

Nvidia keeps causing controversy. With the bottlenecks to the new 3000 series and the resulting scalper madness, the graphics card manufacturer has not exactly covered itself with fame. Just recently, Nvidia hit the headlines again when the company's new strategy emerged: reviving old graphics cards. Now the GPU manufacturer is surprising again – the 3000 series is despite the still prevailing bottleneck expensive.

This is what the latest graphics card of the 3000 series looks like:

Nvidia is turning the price screw: Up to 50 euros more for an RTX graphics card

By up to 5 percent the graphics card prices of the 3000 series have increased. The 3090 receives the highest price premium at 50 euros. All other models are now 20 euros more expensive. Here you can see the old and new prices of the individual models in detail:

For the time being, this price increase only affects the recommended retail price (RRP) in the Nvidia online shop and does not necessarily have to apply to other providers.

Nvidia defends price increase: taxes make RTX 3080 and Co.

The reason for the price increase: The VAT was back at the turn of the year from 16 percent to 19 percent raised. However, the difference is only 3 percent – has Nvidia cheated a little? A little bit. In defense of the company, however, it must be stated that prices would no longer look so “pretty” if they were increased by 3 percent. For example, the 3090 would cost € 1543.97 all at once.

Since pricing is also an important part of marketing, Nvidia can be forgiven for this little cheat. And hand on heart: pain in this price range is really 20 to 50 euros more for a high-end graphics card? That will probably show in the sales figures. The delivery bottleneck for the new graphics cards should, however, increase not until spring 2021 let loose.