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from Dominik Zwingmann
The makers of Risk of Rain 2 ended the early access phase of the roguelike title a few days ago. In addition to a final boss and a new world, version 1.0 fans can also look forward to another survivor. In line with the release, the first ratings for Risk of Rain 2 have now been published. The developers will be very satisfied with the result. You can find an overview in the message.

This week, the Hoppo Games team has the early access phase of Risk of Rain 2 finished and the update for version 1.0 published on the PC. For this reason, several representatives of the international press took another look at the roguelike title and gave a final rating for the game. After eleven reviews on the website of OpenCritic Risk of Rain 2 currently has an average of 87 out of 100 points. We have prepared a list below.

Many of the testers agree and describe Risk of Rain 2 as one of the best roguelike titles currently on the market. The co-op experience in particular is highly praised. The update to version 1.0 naturally also brought some innovations to the game. Among other things, the last boss including a new world was integrated, which means that the title now has a real ending. If you can complete Risk of Rain 2 alone or with your friends, you can also look forward to a new survivor named Captain. According to fans, players can expect a very difficult challenge here. The patch notes were made at Steam released. The update for the console version will also follow soon. Below is an overview of the current ratings for Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 – international ratings

Source: OpenCritic

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