from Andreas Bertits
The Roguelike Risk of Rain 2 is currently in the early access phase. The official start should actually take place in spring 2020. But now the developers have announced that it won't be until summer.

The action RPG Risk of Rain 2 can also be played very well in the early access phase, which is shown by the good ratings on Steam and the high number of players. Nevertheless, an official release is still pending. This was supposed to take place in the spring, but has now been postponed.

A slightly late start

The new release of Risk of Rain 2 in version 1.0 should take place in August, an exact day will be announced. As an explanation, the developers say: "We wanted to make sure that RoR2 1.0 is really a complete gaming experience and that means not only to complete and refine content, but also to improve old functions and content."

One of the biggest innovations of version 1.0 is a server browser, which you can use to find players for online sessions easily and conveniently. The developers want to announce what version 1.0 of the Roguelikes Risk of Rain 2 still contains in the upcoming developer diaries, which will appear until the release in August.

Source: PCGamesN

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