In the Mythic World First Race from WoW, players push their limits. Those who play for the top spots have usually already made World of Warcraft their full-time employment anyway. The preparations for a new raid animal are enormous and countless split runs are organized during the new animal in order to get the most out of it.

Especially players of the two top guilds Echo and Limit are used to these hardships and the RNG factor, which occurs despite the split runs. With systems like Legendarys, Set Bonuses, Azerite Gear, Titan Forged, and other gear factors, professional players are already quite used to it. With the new splinters of domination, however, the nerves of some players are on edge.

“In 10 years of world-first raiding, I’ve never had to deal with such a bullshit of this magnitude,” writes Echo-Raider Perfecto, who so far has had no luck in looting splinters of domination. In a content in which every point of damage counts and three small splinters incidentally provide several hundred DpS, the new system is decisive for victory or defeat in the World First Race. But whether you get one of the three splitter types, of which you only need one type 3x, is completely dependent on luck.

The developers have not yet told the players when, where and with what chance the splinters of rule will drop at bosses and whether the chance is increased in higher levels of difficulty.

For a top raider who just wasn’t lucky, that might mean a place on the bench, which in the case of Perfecto gets on my nerves. “After I only looted one worthless splinter this week, I can actually get on the plane and leave the World First Race.” he continues to write. Even if he should drop the three necessary Unheilig shards, he still has to hope for a rule item for the head slot, because only then does the set bonus of the socket become active …

If Blizzard doesn’t change the drop chances, the Splinter RNG could win the race for Sylvanas in Mythic mode. Even before the introduction of the rule gear, the legendary system had to be changed so that legendary templates could be crafted on more slots if one of the important rule items occupied this slot.

Even with legendary items from the raid, Blizzard has not found a particularly happy solution. The bow much sought-after by hunters
Rae’shalare, whisper of death Regardless of the level of difficulty, it always drops in its normal variant. Later on, if you win again over Sylvanas, items to upgrade the bow have to be looted. The crux of the matter: The upgrade items are also random – so not guaranteed.

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