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In the course of the year, Twitch's add-on management will switch to the revived CurseForge client. Now those responsible at Overwolf have revealed what the roadmap looks like until the launch of the new home of WoW modifications.

You have surely noticed: those responsible at Overwolf bought the rights to CurseForge from Twitch in June and are planning to revive the well-known addon client this year. In other words: Anyone who has managed and updated their WoW add-ons with Twitch so far will have to do this in the foreseeable future using the new version of the CurseForge platform (or look for an alternative – there are also "a few" current WoW addons).

In a question and answer session at the end of June, numerous questions about the change have already been answered, such as how the user data will be moved or which functions are planned for CurseForge:

Now the Overwolf employees followed up on the official website in the form of a newsletter and presented an initial schedule, which should ultimately end with the official launch of CurseForge:

  • On October 7th: Start of the Closed Alpha of CurseForge on PC with WoW features (which are prioritized due to the Shadowlands release).
  • On October 20th: Start of the open beta of CurseForge on PC with WoW features.
  • On October 26th: Launch from CurseForge on PC with WoW features.
  • On November 3rd: Start of the closed alpha for the Minecraft features.
  • On November 17th: Feature Parity Beta has started with all games on PC and Mac

You can already go to der CurseForge website Specify in the settings whether you consent to the transfer of your data. If you want to take a first look at the new client, take a look on the overwolf side past. There you can also find out how the planned advertisements should be positioned in the client. A subscription model, with which the advertising can be completely hidden, should follow over time.

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