Roadmap released, that's the future of the game

of Andreas Bertits
Although the developer studio behind the action RPG Rune 2 has been dissolved, updates should appear. Publisher Ragnarok has now announced what this will look like using a roadmap.

Rune 2 has had a very eventful release. The developer studio closed just one day after the release, much to the surprise of the players and the publisher Ragnarok. While a legal process between publisher and developer is still in progress, a roadmap has now been published that shows which updates players can expect.

Rune 2 is improved

In addition to bug fixes, players can expect these improvements to Rune 2. The patches are expected to arrive in spring 2020, there is no exact date yet:

  • Revised combat mechanics
    – Revision of combat procedures and systems, time-controlled blocking and punishment of weapon spam
    – First balance adjustments
  • Age of Ragnarok
    – Comprehensive visual improvements
    – Design tuning of the age and revision of balance
    – Adjustments to the world map where necessary
  • "Core Loop" improvement
    – Investigations for possible improvements of the "core loop"
    – Artifact collection, alternative game flow, world events
  • More quality-of-life updates
    – More loot / inventory
    – Character UI improvements

Ragnarok also promises that this is just the beginning. The newly formed team wants to make Rune 2 the best possible gaming experience, which is why many more updates are expected.

Source: Blue News

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