Roadmap with an outlook for new content is coming soon

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The developer studio Obsidian Entertainment will soon be giving an outlook on the new content for the survival game Grounded. As the team has revealed, a detailed roadmap should appear shortly, which should give you a foretaste of the near future.

On August 27, 2020, the first major content update for the survival game Grounded will be released. You can expect not only new locations, but also additional opponents and further options for expanding the base. But what comes after that? The developer studio Obsidian Entertainment wants to answer this question shortly. Like the team on the official website announced, it is currently working feverishly on a detailed roadmap for Grounded. Among other things, it should be able to see which features and content await you in the near future. However, this overview has not yet been completed. In the wording it says:

"We're in the process of creating a roadmap for all of you. We look forward to sharing it with you as soon as it's ready. This roadmap allows the Grounded team to show you some of the exciting content they're working on." that should find their way into the game. "

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In addition, Obsidian Entertainment wants to provide a Trello board. The fans should be able to see which problems the community has reported, which problems the team is currently working on and which things the developers will deal with at a later point in time. There should also be information about the upcoming release of smaller patches. However, it is not yet clear when exactly this board and the roadmap for Grounded can be expected. We stay on the ball for you in this regard.

Source: Obsidian Entertainment

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