In line with the success of Squid Game on Netflix, Roblox developers have released their own variants of the series in the game. One of the currently most popular offshoots is the version of Trendsetter Games. So that you can top up your virtual account a bit, the creators shared several in-game codes that will bring you some money. We’ll show you which codes are involved and where you can redeem them in Roblox.

Squid Game in Roblox – Current codes to redeem

  • LotsOfStuff – 500 In-Game-Cash
  • 30kMembers – 250 In-Game-Cash
  • FrontPage! – 250 In-Game-Cash
  • LotsOfLikes! – 250 In-Game-Cash
  • Marbles – 100 In-Game-Cash

You can redeem the codes here

Activating the codes in Roblox is very easy. When you start Squid Game, there is a code button on the left side of the screen that you can use to open a text field. Simply insert one of the above codes and the money will be added to your account. Squid Game from Trendsetter Games in Roblox can be played for free.

Squid Game: Netflix series like Takeshi’s Castle – in deadly

Squid Game started on Netflix for the first time on September 17, 2021. For the past few days, the South Korean series has been number 1 on the charts in more than 90 countries. If the hype about the show continues, Squid Game could even become the most successful Netflix production, according to those responsible. Bridgerton is currently on the throne with over 82 million views. It is followed by Lupine and The Witcher, each with 76 million views.

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